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January 20th, 2007

11:17 am

It's not the whole article I find interesting...only one line...

Miss America drivel underneath the cutCollapse )

...*facepalm* Even if she'd gotten it right, does a photographic memory really count as a superpower?

02:36 pm

I really shouldn't be posting from work.

There's a Sam's Club ad that comes on the radio (not one of ours, it rides the satellite) and it makes me grit my teeth every time I hear it. Below is a pretty exact transcript (maybe I left out a few words).

Sam's Club Guy: Blah blah blah blah *says something about John Elway*

John Elway: *says something about his furniture line*

Sam's Club Guy: You can bet they'll be lining up for something and something and John Elway's couch!

John Elway: Not my sofa! My Casual Living furniture collection.

Sam's Club Guy: Well, it's too late to cancel the movers now.

John Elway: Yeah? How 'bout I cancel your FACE??

Me: You FUCKERS, that doesn't make ANY SENSE.
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