February 15th, 2007


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Happy Hallmark Conspiracy Day, everyone.

Actually, I don't mind Valentine's Day. It's almost like Christmas, another day for my mom to give me chocolate and candy and presents. She's taking me to a show tonight (Grand Derangement, an Acadian music group...what? Shut up). On another note, is it pathetic that I don't have someone other than my mom with whom to exchange gifts? Not that I'm complaining; I don't want to be spending a lot of money on chocolate unless it's for me.

Anyway. I ate a sour Jolly Rancher and now my teeth feel wuzzy.

Bye! I love you all, by the way. Or most of you, anyway. Keels, I'm sorry I haven't mailed your Christmas gift yet! It's sitting right next to the door! I can see it! Chaz, ditto to you. HAHAHAHAHA. I am lame.
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Yeah. So, Grand Dérangement, the music group mom took me to see last night?


There was a drummer, a guitarist, a keyboardist, a fiddler, a bassist that was also a stepdancer, and two more stepdancers. Actually, the only one of the group who didn't do any stepdancing was the guitarist.

I will make a bed that most of the kids in the audience last night want to be stepdancers now...I saw a bunch of the smaller ones popcorning out of their seat when the dancers came on stage. Hell, I want to be a stepdancer, too, and I have a feeling that 30 seconds of what they were doing onstage and I'd have to be carried out in a stretcher.

After about their second or third song, mom turned to me and said, "I want to be their groupie." Yes, mother. Me too.

Supposedly, you're able to listen to songs at their website, but the listening thingie isn't working for me right now. However, if it works for any of you, I'd recommend taking a listen, definitely.