February 19th, 2007

What You Say?

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On Monday nights, I watch go to Becky's house to eat dinner with her and James, then we watch TV. Tonight's Supernanny took place in Alaska. We were pretty excited when we heard that, just because YAY! Alaska!

So, it always starts with Jo (the Supernanny) in a car, being driven to her destination house. This time, it opened with some beautiful scenery and an air taxi (a small float plane). Beck and I are thinking she's obviously going somewhere with no road access, somewhere that an air taxi is necessary. I even would have said Juneau, because though Juneau is a large city with an airport and everything, there is no road in and out.

When the air taxi landed, it was in Anchorage (largest city wtf). They were very careful not to get any shots of the city. Plenty of wild mountains, beautiful views, and some of flying swans and a close-up of a moose, but none of the city.

So, they basically flew Jo to the Ted Stevens International Airport, then took her up in an air taxi for the sole purpose of reinforcing a stereotype (Alaska is big, wild, untamed, and floatplanes are the only way to get around.)

It was just kind of silly.

Next time, we want her to go to Tatitlek.
Dean Winchester

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It's really windy tonight. I'll either sleep like a rock or I won't get any sleep at all. I guess we'll see.

Night, all. Sweet dreams.

And the Dean icon because I like it.