March 16th, 2007


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I put pictures in my scrapbook! YAY! Okay, there are only 3 in there so far, but now that I have my scanner working, you'll probably be seeing more. I'll only post one here in the entry. You'll just have to go look at the other ones yourself. If you care.

This one is a rework of an old picture that I drew like...last century.



Stolen from Moogle Girl.

3 things that scare me:
i. Spiders
ii. Losing someone
iii. Failing

3 people who make me laugh:
i. My brother
ii. Beck
iii. My mom

3 things I love:
i. My family
ii. My friends
iii. Peanut butter cookies

3 things I hate:
i. Being around skeezy drunk guys
ii. Rap music
iii. My insecurities

3 things I don’t understand:
i. Anything mechanical
ii. Anything political
iii. Xenophobia

3 things on my desk:
i. Photo album
ii. Waterbottle
iii. Incense burner

3 things I’m doing right now:
i. This meme
ii. Drinking water
iii. Thinking about scratching my wrist (did it)

3 things I want to do before I die:
i. Go to the UK (again) and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and others
ii. Fall in love
iii. Feel beautiful

3 things I can do:
i. Sketch
ii. Talk on the radio
iii. Make cinnamon-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies

3 things you should listen to:
i. Differing opinions
ii. My friends
iii. The wind through the trees

3 things you should never listen to:
i. Ann Coulter
ii. The nasty voice in the back of my head
iii. People full of hate

3 things I’d like to learn:
i. To play the fiddle
ii. To paint with watercolor
iii. To step-dance (yeah, right)

3 favourite foods:
i. Beef lo mein
ii. Mom's stew
iii. Pot roast and potatoes

3 beverages I drink regularly:
i. Water
ii. Milk
iii. Root beer

3 TV shows I watched/books I read as a kid:
i. Animorphs series by K. A. Applegate
ii. The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner
iii. Baby-sitter's Club by Ann M. Martin

3 people I have to tag:
i. getting_weary
ii. keelykins
iii. arcticheatwave

Do you straighten your hair everyday? Nope.

Do you worry about the size of your boobs? Not the size so much as the shape (droopy)

What's your favorite girly magazine? Uh...Cosmo?

Would you kill for chocolate? Depends on how long I'd had to go without it, I expect.

Jeans or Skirt? Jeans, definitely. Skirts make me feel like I'm trying to be pretty or something.

Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable? Not if I can help it.

Did you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy? No.

Would you leave the house without makeup on? OH MY HEAVENS HOW COULD AH EVAH GO OUTSAHD WITHOUT MAH FAYCE ON?? Oh, right. I don't care.

On a scale of 1-10, how fun is shopping? Shopping for what? You have to be a little clearer, here.

Are you spoiled? Probably.

Do you think lipgloss is the best? I hardly wear anything on my lips anymore except Vaseline. I used to wear lipgloss in high school, but now if I'm in the mood for some lip color, I'm more likely to wear lipstick or tinted chapstick with a little Vaseline over it.

Do you freak out if you miss your favorite show? Sometimes. Well, not freak out, but I'll be sad that I missed it.

Do you yell a lot? Not in anger, but I'll yell if I get exhuberant about something or if I've had a few drinks.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 10 minutes or so. Toss on clothes, brush teeth and hair...If I want to make tea, probably 15. I shower at night, so I don't have to worry about that.

Do you wear sweatpants/pajama pants to school/work? No, but the thing I like about my workplace is that I COULD if I wanted to.

Do accessories make the outfit? I hope not. If they do, I'm as good as naked.

Do you like skater boys? What the hell is that?

Is pink truly the best color in the world? What shade of pink? Once again, TOO VAGUE QUESTIONS. NELLI CONFUSED.

Lip gloss a must? Haven't we already had this question? (I'm leaving Moogle's answer, because it's appropriate. -Nelli)

Relationship Status? On the weekends, I sleep in the same bed as a beautiful redhead who's completely loyal to me.

Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? Nope.

Gold or silver? Silver, or bronze colored.

Do you dress up too much for holidays? Nope.

Do you like wearing dresses? Nah. Same thing as with skirts.

Do you write a lot of mushy love poems? I don't think I've EVER written a mushy love poem. I wrote a couple really bad emo-esque poems in high school, but otherwise I'm not a big poetry person.

On a scale of 1-10, how much do guys confuse you? Probably about as much as women confuse guys.

What makeup could you not live w/ out? Does Vaseline count as makeup?
Pink Baby Cthulhu

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I cannot stand that song "Lips of an Angel" by Hinder. It wasn't always this way...there was a time when I could tolerate it, even thought it was pretty the first dozen times I heard it (even with the stupid emo cheatin' lyrics) but then they played it on the radio OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again until I just got. SICK. of. it.

So someone please tell me, PLEASE, why Jack Ingram saw fit to do a cover of the song? PLEASE tell me why, when I switched from the popular music station and one its cookie-cutter songs this afternoon to the country music station, I was suddenly subjected to LIPS OF A FREAKIN' ANGEL sung with a country twang??

I love country music. Hell, I even like some of the pop music out there. BUT I HATE THAT SONG WITH THE FIERY PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS AND IT MUST BUUUUUUUURN.

Hm. Maybe this is what I get for working at a radio station.