April 13th, 2007

Totally Amused

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The radio station I work for is putting on a Home and Recreation Expo next weekend. Basically, we called a bunch of vendors (insurance, electronics, taxidermy, photography, rec equipment, clothing, construction, plumbing, food, plants, skincare, etc) to bring some of their wares and set up shop for two days, all in the same space. This way, people can come through and take at look at what these various vendors have to offer (and hopefully buy some crap from them) without having to go to individual stores. In years past, the show has gotten traffic of maybe 300-600 people over the two days (not including kids - we keep track with admission tickets).

Several of our vendors are representatives of larger companies (think like...Mary Kay or something similar, where you shell out a certain amount of money to receive a "starter kit," then receive a commission on the stuff you sell). Sometimes, such reps can get their admission fee for the show refunded at least partially by the company they represent.

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I have no idea if any of that made sense.

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