May 29th, 2007

I will rule the world!

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getting_weary and I got back from Anchorage yesterday around 4. We had the best trip ever. We only got lost once, and we weren't really lost, we just followed the detour signs in a complete circle. Everyone was out of Anchorage for the holiday weekend, which was strange, but also wonderful, because it meant traffic wasn't bad and we got a great parking space at every store we went to.

We didn't feel rushed at all, either. We got to town, rested at the hotel for a couple hours, then we went to the mall next to the hotel for a while, then the gigantic liquor store across the street (where we got the makings of gin and tonic, and I got some Reisling and some sort of sherry stuff), then Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We ordered a pizza (stuffed crust with pepperoni - our Anchorage tradition) and took it back to the hotel to gorge and fall asleep. The next day we went to the other mall and I got my haircut, my jeans, and my bras, the three main reasons I wanted to go to Anchorage. My 3 pairs of jeans, one pair of capris, and 3 bras only cost me $163 at Penney's. I went up another pant size, but I don't even care because these jeans are so comfy and they make my ass look GOOD. But I would like to mention that bra shopping SUCKS BALLS. But I won't dwell on that, because it was not a significant part of our trip.

We went to Borders and I got 3 new books, then getting_weary treated me to dinner at Chilis, then we went to Walmart. I got beads (though I haven't done anything with beads for years) and some movies (Labyrinth and Willow!) and - get this - my VERY FIRST STRAPLESS BRA! I am a sexy beast.

So, yep. Pretty good trip, all around. :) Didja miss me, LJ?