June 16th, 2007


(no subject)

Nina (arcticheatwave) and I are going camping this weekend. First, I have to finishe work. I could potentially take off early, but I have Fishing Reports to do tonight, and the halibut charters don't get back to the harbor until like 6:30, so I'd have to stick around to talk to them, and the interviews and then uploading the interviews to the computer take about about an hour, which means we wouldn't leave town 'til 7:30. Then we'd have the 2 hour drive to the camping spot, so I wouldn't get dinner until like 10. I think I'll probably try to leave here around 4 and do my camping shopping, then take the food out to the trailer, then come back into town for Fishing Reports. Also, I'll swing by the harbor a little earlier to see if anyone got in early. I hope so. Then we could leave around 5 or 6. That would be better.

Anyway, wish us luck with our setting up the tent and starting a campfire, and the trout fishing we plan to do.