July 7th, 2007

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Fourth grade Kids Club was this past Thursday. Now, it seems like, whenever Kids Club comes about, I'm on here complaining about it.

Today is no exception.

Actually, I don't dislike Kids Club. Sometimes I think I do, but I don't.

What I mean is, I enjoy the thought of Kids Club, and I like most of the kids who come to read. But, just like everything in life, it's not all good.

Out of the maybe 25 kids who encompass the participants in the recording sessions, there are about 3 or 4 who make me thoroughly uncomfortable. And by uncomfortable, I mean I want to throttle them.

This one girl whines all the freakin' time. I just want to say, "You know what? Don't bother coming here, if you're going to be so unpleasant." And a couple times I've said something along those lines to her (well, it was more like, "If you don't want to be here, you don't have to be. The door is right there.") The problem with her is that she'll show up and, for the first half of the session, be completely pleasant. She smiles, participates...she's a good reader, too. Good enunciation.

Then I think she starts getting tired or something, and Whiny McWhinypants appears. I asked the kids this time to come up with some ideas of things they want for a theme for next month's session. First, she said she didn't want to do it, because she "hates thinking up things." I told her she didn't have to.

A couple minutes later, I was handing out paper to write ideas on, and asked if she wanted to do it, and she said yes. As we brainstormed, she whimpered, "I can't think of anything."

I said, "Well, you don't have to do it if you don't want."

And she snapped, "I WANT to do it, I SAID I just can't THINK of anything!"

Well, okay there, Scary McYellybutt.

The boss told the kids to come up with things they want their parents to know about (one girl said, "Mom, I'm starting to like boys.") Another girl said, "Ooh, how 'bout driving safety! Like learning to drive!"

Cranky McWhinerson (in the snottiest voice possible): "Our parents already KNOW how to drive. They have drivers licenses!"

"Hey," I said. "No naysaying, please." I doubt she knows what "naysaying" means, but I couldn't think of another way to say SHUT YER HOLE, ANNOYING GIRL without actually, you know, saying it.

After work, mom and Chaz took me out to Thai food. They picked me up at the trailer. As I slumped in my armchair, mom asked "How was work?" And I immediately went into a rant about whiny little Bratz doll wannabes. Mom turned to Chaz and said, "Oooh...I forgot it was Kids Club day. You shouldn't talk to her on Kids Club day."

Heh. I didn't realize I was that cranky.