August 22nd, 2007

I will rule the world!

The Death of Sheena

Most of you know that I have a mild arachnophobia. It's less well known that, despite the creep-out factor, I actually like spiders--when their legs are not too long and spindly--when they're outside and not on or near me.

A year or two back, I posted about Lecter. And...

Holy crap.

Okay, so apparently this post should not be entitled as it is.

Sheena, as you may have deduced, is a spider. She's been living outside my living room window for a couple weeks now. She's every bit as huge and bulbous as Lecter was, but it's interesting to watch her (though she has not become humanised in my mind as much as Lecter was).

I started writing this post because I realized that I'd not seen her for a day or two and it seemed that the last tatters of her web were gone. She's been rebuilding it every night or so because fireweed seeds keep getting caught in it.

Also, I think she's shyer than Lecter was. She is impossible to miss when she's on her web, but she must spend most of her time above the window, waiting for a nice juicy bug to fly in.

So no problem, Sheena's not dead. DON'T PANIC NOBODY PANIC.

Ignore the man behind the curtain.