February 1st, 2008

Abandon All Hope

Ham and Vampires = Hampires?

Seems like it's been a while since I posted. I don't have much to report, except for a couple strange dreams the past few nights. One involved me ordering a pulled-pork sandwich at a fast food place and receiving an entire ham (still in its plastic packaging) wrapped in an enormous blanket-like piece of bread. The dream from last night was way creepy, and I can't remember much of it, but there were a couple lothies in it. There was also a family living next door, a group of teenage siblings, who turned out to be murderers or vampires or something. At one point, I was in the trailer next to the vampires, and trying to dial the emergency number. I was in Australia, so I figured it wasn't 911. I asked the guy standing next to me (who was guarding the trailer with a rifle) if the emergency number was 999. He nodded, so I dialed 999, and got some sort of recorded message about cheese. I screamed frantically, "It isn't WORKING!" and he sighed, and reached over, and dialed 555. "There," he said laconically. I almost shoved him out of the trailer to become vampire bait.

In other news, it's been cold here, I've been busy at work, and my dog is still a pest.