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May 12th, 2008

09:05 am

Happy day after Mother's Day! I went out to mom's, of course. When I arrived, she was on the phone with my brother, so I got to talk to him. Also, she just had new flooring installed in her entryway, living room, and dining room and it looks so nice!

Anyway, she spent most of the day outside burning brush, while I stayed inside and prepared a roast chicken with onion and rosemary stuffing and rosemary potatoes, and for dessert, an apple crisp with caramel sauce. They came out pretty good!

Today I have to take Summer to the vet at 11. There's a spot on her haunch that she keeps licking, so much so that she's rulling out some of the fur there and seems to be developing some sort of callus. Sarah thinks it might be mites. We'll see, I guess.

12:41 pm

Update: Took Summer for her vet appointment. She has hot spots, one on each haunch. They had to shave those two areas down to the skin, so she looks like a punk. They gave me some pills and ointment for her, and said it should clear up soon. If it spreads, they'll know it's an allergic reaction to something. So nothing too serious. YAY!
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