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So, for the most part, today was really fine. GORGEOUS weather, first of all. This was like our 5th nice day this entire month, and by "nice," I mean "cloudless and actually able to see the mountains."

This first thing is sort of a "wtf." About half an hour into the trip, Ben asked Katie, "Who is that girl in the red bandanna."

Katie: I don't know. I think she's Russian.

Ben: Why is she wearing a company jacket?

Turns out this girl and one of the guys she was with had taken Katie's and Ryan's coats from where they hung on the coatrack and were just wearing them. Now, on occasion, if someone asks if they can wear our coats, we let them, at least for a while. However, we make them aware that we will probably want to wear them ourselves at some point during the day, seeing as how, yanno, they ARE ours.

But both Katie and Ryan are really too nice for their own good, so they decided to just let these people wear their coats and hope that they would hang them back up when they were done with them.

Long story short, the couple wore the coats for half the day, (and bought a ton of candy bars throughout the day), then sat on them at their table the rest of the day. When we unloaded everyone from the boat, they left the coats at the table.

When Katie checked her coat pockets, she discovered an empty candy bar wrapper, and that her lip gloss and the $7 she had in there were gone.

They had been using her money to buy their candy bars.

When we told Amanda, she was like, "So, they just wore your coats? All day? That is so bizarre. What, did they think that the coats were 'for your convenience because you're too fucking stupid to bring your own damn coat on a glacier cruise' coats?"

Then, after Colleen had taken people back to their RV parks and come back down to the boat while we were cleaning, Amanda came down and said that some lady had called the office (from her cell phone...in the RV PARK that Colleen had just taken her to), and demanded her money back.


Because she didn't see as much wildlife as she thought she should have seen, and what wildlife we DID see, we didn't get close to.

Gee, I wonder what boat she was on.

Did she not see the otters so close you could see their individual whiskers and hear their babies meeping? Did she not see the sea lions on the buoy that we circled at a distance of 15 feet? Did she not SEE the Dall's porpoise that rode our bow for 2 minutes? Did she not see the puffins, the harbor seals, the eagles that the REST of us saw?

Guess not. She must have been sleeping. Or uh...looking the other way.

Anyway, she had left her cell number at the office and Amanda was afraid to call her back (as Amanda is notoriously short-tempered when it comes to stupid people) so Colleen called her. By the time I got up to the office, the rest of the crew members were up there, ostensibly filling out their time sheets, Colleen was on the phone with this woman.

The lady yelled at her for 10 minutes, with Colleen saying that we could never GUARANTEE wildlife, especially whales, because it is WILD. Also, it is illegal to get closer than about a quarter mile of sea lions (while at their haulouts) and whales (unless they come to you) It ended with the lady saying that she was going to call her credit card company and say that the charge for the trip was fraudulent, despite the fact that she signed her receipt.

I told Amanda how impressed I was with how calm Colleen had remained on the phone, and she said, "Yeah, that's why she handles those calls, and I don't. I pro'ly would have said something like 'You wanna see a whale? LOOK IN THE MIRROR, FATASS!' "

Cheezus, people. Stop being freaking assholes.

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