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A couple days ago, Colleen came down and told us that a woman who had just booked herself on the 9 hour asked if Stan (president and namesake of the company) was gonna be the captain the day she was going out. She was told that no, Stan would be captaining the 6-hour that day. Her reply was, "Oh, I'm concerned for my safety! Do your other captains have experience?"

Amanda: No.

Ticket Office Girls: YES.

Amanda: *to us, later* Yes, we just hired some bum off the street to drive our boat for the day.

They told Chris that he should say into the microphone, "Hi um...I'm Chris...they just hired me today. I hope I can find everything."

And Julie told me this story.

She was on the bow of one of the boats while they were watching a purse seiner pull in his catch. The seiners here catch salmon (intentionally) and jellyfish (unintentionally). Julie heard this old couple talking:

Feeble Old Man: Oh, look. You can see all those sea urchins there in the net that they're catchin'.

Tottery Old Lady: Oooh. Which ones are the sea urchins, again?

Feeble Old Man: You know, the parachute ones. *makes hand motions*

Tottery Old Lady: *nodding sagely* Ooooh. Starfish.

My aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin's girlfriend, and other cousin are here for a week or so, so I'm not sure when I'll be online or whatever. Talk to y'all later.
Tags: boats, captain, starfish

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