kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Today was pretty much YAY.

I was on the short trip, so I didn't have to get up till 9.

The weather was loverly today, sunny for the most part, and FLAT in the Sound.

And we saw orcas. Oh yes.

True, we had to go about 8 miles out of our way, then back, so 16 miles we wouldn't have otherwise had to travel, but it was worth it.

It was a big pod, really spread out, so we focused on one big crookedfin male and a cow and calf. They came right under the boat several times.

We DID have 120 people on board, thus making it a little hard to get to the sides to look down, but I did have the opportunity to watch the cow and calf from the lower stern deck, and they started coming toward us, and I could see them under the water as they passed RIGHT UNDERNEATH where I was standing. The cow was swimming upside-down, so I could see her white underbelly glowing just beneath the water. Then they came up next to the boat and the calf started tail-lobbing (flinging his tail around and slapping it on the water) and the cow spyhopped a few times. It was so much fun.

And yesterday, we saw an otter eating an octopus almost twice his size. He was ripping off chunks and swallowing them like he'd never get another meal.

And we have two otters in the harbor, and they're named after two of our crew, who are brothers, Jordan and Ben. But because we think the otters are females, their names are Jordana and Bengina (which is NOT pronounced "Benjeena"). Chip got pretty close to one today, and he told Ben that he'd almost touched it, and Ben said, "I'll kill you if you touch Bengina!" Odd sentence.
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