kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Well, today was a lovely day on the water. 'Bout damn time...last nice day we had in the Sound was not last Monday, but the one before. That is literally the last time I saw the sun before today.

It has been a CRAPPY summer, as far as weather goes. May wasn't bad, but since then there have been maybe 10 nice days here. By nice I mean not foggy, cloudy, rainy, or bumpy on the water, or any combination of the two. Some have been better than others; I count days when we can see Columbia Glacier and days when people don't throw up on the boat among the successful days.

So, yeah. Just wanted to let eveyrone know, if you were thinking of coming to the Sound to visit, don't pick this summer to do so. You will be soggy and cold the entire time.
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