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Today, we did not do glacier tours. We did "natural history" tours. Both big boats went out to Tatitlek Narrows and back, and into Galena and Shoup Bays. We were feeling swells about 20 miles before we usually do, right when we exited the Valdez Narrows. It was insane. I can't even begin to imagine how shitty it was at Freemantle. There were some kayakers in Heather Bay, out by Columbia Glacier, that were supposed to be picked up yesterday, but their boat wasn't able to get out to them yesterday or today. Guess they'll be there at least till tomorrow, maybe until the next day.

Anyway, tomorrow I have a day off. Yay!

On another note, the mountains already have termination dust on them. Looks like summer's over. Not that it ever actually began. *eyeroll*
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