kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

I keep seeing these commercials for mattresses, particularily the one made from Nasa foam, and I WANT ONE. Sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor isn't good for my back.

And I think I have a zit on the back of my head. Or maybe just some weird bruise.

Hoss is in the shop, because he has loose ball joints. It's costing me $500 to get him fixed. *sigh* But HOPEFULLY I won't have to take him back in anytime soon. He just had a oil change not too long ago. Gas prices keep fluxuating, so I should probably fill him up before they raise again.

I'm tired, and the day is cold and overcast, and I'm afraid that I won't be able to get a good job, or if I do it'll be in Milwaukee (that's not as bad as not getting any job, of course) but I've never driven in Milwaukee and these people are INSANE drivers. Plus they have LEFT entrances and exits from the freeway. What is up with that??

I'm thinking of doing some art stuff today...I haven't painted anything since I got here. I really need to work on backgrounds and composition. It would be really great if I could get an illustrating job someday. I'm nowhere near good enough yet, of course, but last year when I graduated a girl in one of my classes asked me if I would illustrate her educational kid's book for her, and it was a really good book, too, so I said sure and gave her my contact info, and she never got back in touch with me. I hope her book is still going okay, though, because I think it would be something good for every classroom to have. It just would have been nice to be a part of it.

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