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About a week ago, 12 people in my town were arrested for the sale and use of cocaine (and some other drugs, but coke was the main one) in a massive bust. Since then, at least another 6 have been arrested.

Now, I'm sure down in the real world, 18 people arrested for cocaine is no big deal, but in a town where people call the police to report a flock of crows picking on an eagle, it's pretty huge--not to mention that it gave the newspaper a chance to print BUSTED! on the front page, across a photo of some arrestees. Also, fun fact: I went to high school with at least one arrestee, and another who is "still at large," even though he's quite small.

The police station released the names of those arrested (none were under 18, and most were over 40) and the newspaper printed the names in an article in today's paper, and my boss mentioned the names when she read the news on the radio.

This afternoon, I answered the phone at work. A male voice asked to speak to my manager. I handed her the phone.

She listened for a couple minutes, tried saying a few things, then shrugged and hung up.

"Apparently," she said, "I'm a communist for mentioning those names on the air."

Hm. Methinks the fellow isn't too clear on the meaning of "communist."
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