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I'm watching Amazing Race with Keely, she's kinda addicted to the show and I like watching TV with her, because we tend to start screaming at stupid people at the same time.

If anyone has been watching, I would be interested in hearing opinions on some of the players. Keely and I are always shrieking about Jonathan and his wife, but mostly Jonathan, because he's a total monkeyass.

I'm sure that most or all of you who read this journal have some sort of life, unlike me. To tell the truth, I wouldn't watch the show if not for Keels...I prefer my blood pressure to remain as it is. Same goes for Survivor or any of those reality shows. They tend to make me angry. But they have another side as well...a side that makes me glad that I'm me, unemployed and flaky, sure, but also capable of love and being loved by people, even just as friends, because to tell the truth, friends and family are the most important things in the world to me.


Holy run-on sentence, Batman.

Anyway. I surely will not blame anyone if they choose to completely ignore this horrible TV-obsessed failure of a journal entry, but if you feel you have something to contribute...or maybe just feel like taking pity on a hopeless geek...that would be nice, too.

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