kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

getting_weary and I flew to Anchorage on Monday around noon to do some shopping. The mall was INSANE. I didn't get any gifts for anyone. We were supposed to fly back Sunday evening but that morning Anchorage was looking quite nasty, weather-wise. We were afraid we wouldn't be able to get out, but she kept calling her husband and the airport here and were told it was crappy in Valdez too.

While we were browsing Gold Rush Liquor, we met up with a guy getting_weary went to school with and his girlfriend, who were planning to drive home. They offered us a ride and we decided to take it, since we were sure we wouldn't be flying.

A drive that would normally have taken 5 hours took closer to 8. It wasn't bad, though, until we got about 40 miles away from home and hit a solid wall of blowing snow. The girlfriend was driving, and she had to slow down to 20 miles and turn off her headlights, using only her foglights to see, because her headlights on all those flakes coming at the windshield gave her vertigo. It was pretty nasty. We passed a two-car accident but there was already a cop there so we didn't linger, though the driver did poke her head out the window and ask if they needed help (which her boyfriend didn't appreciate, seeing as how he was in the middle of his 8 or 9th beer).

Anyway, we got home at around 11:30.

The plane DID fly.

Bastard plane.

But I had fun. It was just a little harrowing.

Then, tonight, driving out to mom's house for dinner, it took me about 10-15 minutes longer than usual because I was going 30 mph. Mm, snow.

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