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Mkay, y'all. After work (in about 20 minutes) I'm going to head over to a friend's because I'm taking care of her dog, so I have to feed him and let him out for "business." Then I'm going out to my trailer.

And I'm going to shovel the roof.

Wish me luck, LJ Buddies. I have the feeling I'm going to need it, because in addition to the probably almost 3 feet of snow we've gotten in the past 2 days, it's also been raining at intervals, which means the snow is very heavy, and it's WINDY, which means the slush is blowing every damn where.

I'm going to take a long hot shower then head back into town to sleep at my friend's, and I'm going to order a big plate of beef lo mein for dinner, because by then I think I will have earned it. So there.

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