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Happy Hallmark Conspiracy Day, everyone.

Actually, I don't mind Valentine's Day. It's almost like Christmas, another day for my mom to give me chocolate and candy and presents. She's taking me to a show tonight (Grand Derangement, an Acadian music group...what? Shut up). On another note, is it pathetic that I don't have someone other than my mom with whom to exchange gifts? Not that I'm complaining; I don't want to be spending a lot of money on chocolate unless it's for me.

Anyway. I ate a sour Jolly Rancher and now my teeth feel wuzzy.

Bye! I love you all, by the way. Or most of you, anyway. Keels, I'm sorry I haven't mailed your Christmas gift yet! It's sitting right next to the door! I can see it! Chaz, ditto to you. HAHAHAHAHA. I am lame.

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