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My first year of college (1999-2000) I went to Hawaii with my mom and brother for spring break. One day, as I waded through the surf, I lost my balance and fell. My left hand landed on a small bed of coral and I got a chip of the stuff embedded in my palm, in the pad of flesh right under my pinkie.

After it healed, I could still feel it under my skin (CRAAAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIN) and could, like, move it around by pressing on it. (Keely: EWWWW! Let me touch it!")

Gradually, it grew smaller and small, until I could no longer feel it anymore. I assumed it had either traveled deeper into my hand and grafted itself to my bone structure, or it had been absorbed into my bloodstream. Either way, I fully expected to awaken one morning with some sort of coral-related superpower*.

Anyway, that was several years ago and I have yet to discover anything about myself that could be termed a superpower.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed a tender spot on my palm. Rubbing my thumb over it, my eyes widened as I felt the unmistakable little bump, rolling around under my skin. That's right...it's back. It's a bit tender yet, and seems smaller than it used to be. I have no idea why it decided to come back, after all this time.

Well, okay. I do have an IDEA...yesterday, I opened a newly-bought jar of bleu cheese to go on my salad. Damn thing was stubborn. It took me about 10 minutes to get the lid off. Maybe all that twisting and turning and pulling I did knocked my little friend loose from whatever piece of bone it had decided to grab onto.

If you, in the next couple weeks, read any news stories about a less-than-exciting new superhero bounding around Alaska, encasing things in exoskeletons, you can bet it's me (just don't tell anyone...a superhero's gotta have a secret identity, after all). If you, in the next couple weeks, read any news stories about someone being admitted to a hospital for coral-poisoning, you can bet it's me. Either way, I could be famous.

*getting_weary suggested growing an impenetrable exoskeleton, and I replied that I thought being able to shoot millions of microorganisms out my fingers at enemies would be a nice weapon. When she asked what sort of damage they could do, the only thing I could come up with was, if the bad guy would be kind enough to stand very still for a couple hundred years, maybe the microorganisms would build up a colony around him, thus encasing him in coral forever! But somehow, that scenario doesn't seem too likely.
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