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I work for a very small privately owned commercial radio station. We have two full-time employees (me and my boss) and two part-timers. We have a satellite feed that gives us all our music and DJ banter and whatnot; what we do at the station is write, read, and program ads (for businesses in town), PSAs, announcements about public events, and we do the weather twice daily and stuff like that. We also have a program called Kid's Club, where two Thursdays a month, we have a group of kids (4th graders and 5th&6th graders) come in to record scripts about responsibility, reading, safety, character, and other things. Today was 4th grade Kid's Club.

This guy came in to pick up his son. My boss was in the AM studio recording the last script with a few kids. The man glanced in the window then wandered into the hallway to peer into the FM studio.

"Wow, this place is small. I've never been in here."

I nodded, because he's right, it's really really tiny. I was about to make a comment about how small it seems with 14 4th-graders packed inside it, when he said, "So, you know that music you guys are always piping in?"

Me: Yep, that's a satellite feed.

Him: Well, you ever think of changing it? Like playing different music?

Me: Well, it's a satellite feed. We can't change the music.

Him: You ever think of changing the satellite provider?

Me: I'm not sure...

Him: You don't know cuz you don't know? You just don't know?

Me: It's just...

Him: Cuz you know they play the same ten songs over and over.

Me: I know.

Him: So can you change the music?

Me: We don't have a DJ or the capabilities to pipe our own music.

Him: But you've never thought about changing the satellite provider? It's all about cost, right? *sneers* Dollars and cents.

Me: *kinda just wanting him to stop talking* Yep that's right.

Him: *tilts his head at my boss* She owns the station, right? So has she ever thought about changing the satellite provider?

Me: I don't know. You're welcome to stick around until she's done recording so you can ask her.

Him: *dismissively* I see her all the time.

Me: Okay.

Him: But you guys should think about changing that. *leaves*

Audra: ...What was that? Do you get that a lot?

Me: No. That was sort of odd.

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