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I almost strangled my dog a couple days ago.

We (Nina and myself) took Summer and Zoe for a walk up Dock Point, which is a nice trail above the harbor. At the top of the hill, there's a boardwalk that takes you to two lookouts over the Port. There is a fence, and on the other side of the fence is a couple feet of ground followed by a near-sheer dropoff of 20 to 40 feet or so.

So of course Summer got around the fence and down the cliff almost immediately.

She didn't fall down, she ran down, and when I looked over I could see how she had done that. However, it was steep enough that she couldn't get back up, so there was my moron dog on a ledge about 5 feet above the water, running back and forth, attempting to get back up. Everytime she tried to climb, she'd slip back down.

There was a tree sticking out the side of the cliff, so I sat on my butt and inched forward, planning to brace myself on the tree, lean over, and grab the scruff of her neck the next time she tried to climb up. I was about halfway to the tree when Nina said, "She's back up here now!" Summer then came up behind me as I was inching backward onto solid ground again and almost pushed me off the cliff.

Nina said later that she'd been thinking, "Crap, Nelli's gonna fall and die and here I am, without a cell phone. I'm gonna have to walk all the way back down to the harbor to call an ambulance, then all the way back up the hill to show them where you were."

I apologised (with considerable sarcasm) for almost ruining her day.

On a cooler note, I drove out Dayville Road earlier that same day and saw a sow and cub brown bear on the side of the road. Oddly, I think it's possibly the first brown bear I've ever seen in this area. I knew they were here, of course, but I usually see blackies.
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