kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Yay! Just got back from our company rafting trip! It's the same trip that we did when I worked on the boats, just a 45 minute thing on a class 3 whitewater, so it's not too hairy. I actually would love to go on a class 4, MAYBE class 5, but I dunno about that. I'd have to work my way up to that. Afterward, we had a bonfire/barbecue on the beach. I got eaten alive by bugs, but it's okay. Rafting! We were in the first raft, and as soon as we got to shore, Laurie and I made a run for her car where we'd stashed two supersoakers, and we nailed Dwight (who was in the second raft). Laurie's son had had the forsight to fill the guns with warm water, which Dwight said felt really nice after all the 36-degree water he got slapped with on the river.

Yay, rafting!

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