kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Welcome to the Murder House

Last night I had nightmare. It didn't start out as one.

I was walking with Nina (who was a combination of Becky and Keely as well) and Summer and Zoe (Ni's dog). We were walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood...looked like it was somewhere down south. There were no mountains to be seen.

We found a tunnel, and for some reason, took off our shoes and crawled into it. We left the dogs at the entrance. We came out into a house.

It was a nice house. Very clean, lots of windows with sunlight streaming through. The furniture was white-washed and beachy-looking. It was dreamlike in that house, and completely silent.

We walked through the house, peering into rooms. We found ourselves in a child's room. It was bright and spotless. The bed was made, there were teddy bears lining one wall. It was a perfectly lovely room.

I started getting the heebie jeebies.

It was too, too perfect. And completely silent still.

Across the hall was another child's room.

Somehow I knew that no children occupied those rooms. Somehow I knew that whoever lived in the house had killed those children, as well as any else they came across.

I opened a door and peered down the hallway. It was not bright and clean like the rest of the house. It was dark and dusty, with unpolished wood floors that echoed and creaked.

I could hear music. There was a gramophone, and it was playing staticky 20s music. I realized that, though the house was completely silent, the music had also been playing all along.

I told Nina I wanted to leave. We found an open window that led to a balcony. The balcony had a ladder to ground level.

Summer and Zoe were waiting for us across the street with our shoes. As we put them on our feet, I heard the music again. It was coming closer. Down the street, a black Lincoln approached us, and the music grew ever louder. We started to run.

Every time we slowed down, we could hear the music again, always coming closer.

My heart was still beating hard when I woke up.
Tags: children, dream, house, murder, nightmare, scary

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