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I Can Haz Treasures?

So, I was sent on a treasure hunt today. I came into the office (I'm the only one who works on Saturdays) and immediately saw the crepe paper and balloons decorating the AM studio. Sarah came in about a half hour later and told me I was going on a hunt (authorized by the Big Boss), and told me my first clue.

I should say that my mom's gift to me this year is a trip to Maui, and my boss and coworkers know it.

It sent me to a local store (my boss's husband is the owner) where I gave my name at the counter and came away with a Life Is Good shoulderbag. There was another clue inside. I came back to the office and found a disposable camera, a bottle of sunblock, gum and mints, chapstick, a deck of cards, magazines and a sudoku book, a lei, a plastic tiara, and an invitation to my boss's daughter's 5th birthday party today.

In order to gain entrance to the Princess party, I must wear the princess tiara.

And let me tell you, I look damn sexy in it. The pink gems, as well as the picture of Arial and Cinderella really make me look like Queen of the World.

I love the people I work with. :)
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