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I'm the reason your socks disappear from the dryer.

Went to my coworker Sarah's house tonight for a bit of an impromptu Halloween party. I didn't have a costume in mind so I looked up "quick and easy costume" on Google and it came up with "Static Cling." So I safety-pinned a bunch of socks and dryer sheets and a pair of undies to my clothes and mussed my hair up nice and staticky. It worked.

We played a drinking game called "I've Never." Predictably, I was the soberest person there. I'm so boring. But I did have my first-ever jello shots. They burned.

And when I got home a couple minutes ago, it was to find that Summer had found the loaf of french bread I'd so carelessly left on the counter (encased in a Ziploc) instead of hiding it in the branches of the tallest tree on top of the highest mountain across the deepest ocean, as I obviously should have.

Huh. Live and learn.

And Oded Fehr so I have pleasant jello-y dreams.
Tags: halloween, jello, party, socks, static

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