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So last night, I went to bed at about 10 and read for a while. Turned my light off at about 10:45. I had a little trouble falling asleep, but was just starting to drift off when I heard the snowmachines.

I live on the very end of the row of trailers. It's nice because I only have a neighbor on one side, and half the year he's in South Africa. It sucks because on the other side there's access to the trail and field behind my trailer. This means that cars, loaders, four-wheelers, and of course snow machines will whiz by my house at a distance of 4 feet at all hours of the day and night.

Case in point, last night. I heard the snowmachines in the distance. They zoomed around but didn't seem to be coming any closer at first. Then they started getting louder.

My bedroom is at the very back of the trailer, facing the field. As the snowmachines approached, I waited for that inevitable Doppler moment when they would be at their loudest as they streaked by...I hate that.

Instead, they approached, getting louder, louder, and I braced myself...

And they stopped. Right outside my bedroom window.

What the hell?

Without turning on my light, I knelt on my bed and peered out. They were literally about 5 feet away, right next to the back corner of my trailer. It was two men. They were talking (not overly loudly, and I couldn't hear what they were saying) and they kept walking around (I could hear the snow crunching under their feet). At first I thought they might be taking the wooden pallets stacked behind the trailer. Well, I don't need them, they're welcome to them. At times I would peer out again, but I couldn't tell what they were doing, as they were just outside of the glow of the streetlights.

They were out there for about 5 minutes. At one point, one of the machines started back up and flooded my bedroom with light, but went off a couple seconds later. Finally, they both started up and sped away into the night.

I, of course, came up with a few paranoid theories. They stole something from the back of the trailer. They were casing the joint (this seems unlikely, as my trailer is so run down I doubt anyone would figure I had anything worth stealing). They were planting a load of TNT so they could blow me up. I had just witnessed a drug deal. One of the snowmachines was not working properly and they had to stop to fix it.

I suppose I'll never know (though I can discount the stealing and the TNT, because as soon as they left I threw on my coat and boots and tromped around the back of the trailer to see if anything was missing).

What annoyed me the most was why did they have to stop RIGHT NEXT TO MY BEDROOM at frickin' 11 at night, with their noisy-ass machines. Okay, so if they had mechanical problems, maybe they wouldn't have been able to choose where to stop, but both machines had sounded fine (nice and LOUD) to me before they stopped. For all they knew there was a little kid in here who was trying to sleep, or a big burly guy who has to get up at 3am to go to work! I almost went outside to ask them to conduct business elsewhere, but figured it wouldn't be a good thing to confront them as a single woman in my pjs.

Oh well. If they come back I'm going to climb onto my roof and throw snowballs at them.
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