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Gremlin Puppies Ate Mah BAYBEE!

I'm tired. Been a busy week so far, and it's only Wednesday! (Well, almost Thursday).

Last Friday, Becky and I drove to Wasilla (about a 5 hour drive) to pick up her new puppy! She's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (NOT a pit bull!) and totally adorable. Beck and I drove up Friday morning, went to 4 or 5 stores in Wasilla, then Coldstone Creamery (yum. OH YUM)and then to the hotel to veg until we could pick up Halle. Then we took her back to the hotel and let her run her fool little head off. She's totally cute and angelic...unless she's awake. Then she's cute and demonic! When Summer met her a couple days ago, I thought we were going to have to be extra careful not to let Summer bully her, but Halle thinks she's Tough Shit and lunges at Summer and bites her on the ears and barks her adorable little bark...she's like a gremlin puppy.

Anyway. Today we had an open house at work. We sent out a whole bunch of invitations to clients, my boss made a bunch of food (dips, bbq meatballs, and a dessert called "Novella's Good Stuff"), and when the clients showed up, we gave them a tour of the station. Kara and Laurie did the meet and Greet, Yvette recorded their holiday messages with them, Sarah took everyone's photo and did miscellaneous tasks that needed to be done, and I showed them how we write, produce, and program ads. It all took place over about 2 hours, and I am very very tired now.

My boss said afterward that she had several people tell her that I did a good job explaining things without making them too complicated or going into "Geek Speak," which made me a little glowy and happy inside! :)

And now, bedtime! Goodnight, all.
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