kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Shooting Stars

You know, I really need to start going to sleep earlier, because my eyes are not wanting to stay open. Meh (almost typed "Men." That, too).

So, had a dream last night. I don't remember much about it. I think I was in some sort of boarding school or something. At one point, the school was overrun with bad people. Not bad like EVIL VILLAIN WHO EAT CHILDREN, but like people who come in under the guise of making positive changes and it turns out they are using the school as a cover for illegal operations and will not tolerate anyone getting in the way. That didn't really figure into the dream much, except that myself and a few friends were the only ones who were able to escape. We got into a kind of large traveling barrel (we had to run inside of it to make it move) and set off toward the hills.

There were asteroids crashing down around us (we would watch as they flared up brightly and we could see where they landed from the clouds of dust they sent up. Mostly, they were fairly small and landing a mile or two away, but there was one that, when we were at the bottom of a foothill, crashed into the hill a few hundred feet above us, then bounced and hurtled past our heads. It was a close call!

We were headed (for some reason) to an abandoned warehouse on the other side of the hills. When we got there, it turned into a video game, where you had 12 dwarves in a traveling barrel, then inside the warehouse, there were countless steps and passages and ghosts and beasties. That part was seriously creepy. Then a bad guy, who apparently knew where we'd been headed and had come to tie up the loose ends, popped out of the woodwork. He actually said "RAAAH!" We pushed him off of the steps.

Then my stupid alarm went off and here I am. I have to work today, work tomorrow, then on Sunday (one of my days off) I told my boss's husband that I would help with inventory at his store. I helped with it last year, too, and got a $100 gift certificate. Not bad. It's a good store.
Tags: bad guys, dream, shooting stars

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