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Trashy Romance Novel Mad Libs!

What with this whole Cassie Edwards plagarism thing, Smart Bitches made some "Sweet Savage Mad Libs."

Smart Bitch Madlibs: Love's Savage Buckskin

Deop flke jkljldlsjkl looked down at the beautiful woman he had just rescued from a vicious Trapdoor Spider attack. His massive, bulging fingernail gleamed in the sun, and his long black hair whipped back in the wind. Her own flaxen hair taunted him, the flaming silken tresses begging to be touched. As he reached out with his massive nostril, she cringed back.

'Hey, das MAH nose hair!!' he cried out. 'That mean, do not be afraid. You are HORRRRK, Woman-With-Hair-Like-Uranus.'

The woman gasped. 'You know English?' she asked helpfully.

'dklsj lkdjlakj dkjeiuopa porrlk,' he replied. 'Yes, some.'

He looked down at her. Her ample toe knuckle nearly spilled out of her bodice, and her beestung lips inspired the most smelly thoughts in him. She was so pretty, so helpless. She would never survive out here on her own. Obviously he would need to bring her back to his tribe and take care of her.

'My name Deop flke jkljldlsjkl. It mean 'flashlight-who-licks-parakeet-in-the-Nuts.' What your name?'

'stinkweed,'she whispered. 'That's a very impressive feather duster you have there. So long. So... sensual.'

Deop flke jkljldlsjkl could not stand it any longer. He grabbed her tiny, delicate belly button in his callused hand and ran her up, bringing her flush against his aroused body. His manhood stood hard and at the ready. Why did this paleskinned woman have this effect on him? He twirled his mouth down against hers in savage desperation, knowing that only she could slake the unholy eyeball he felt.
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