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Sweat sweat sweat

I am alive! It's been a while since I wrote anything, and I'll tell you why.

My life is a madhouse.

What I mean by that is "It's Frosty Fever week!"

Frosty Fever is my radio station's biggest promotion of the year. Basically, we give out buttons to people (1250 buttons to the first 1250 people who come to pick them up). Then these people wear their buttons throughout the week and get discounts and specials at participating businesses. They also listen to the radio and if they hear their button number called, they win! It's a pretty simple concept, and we have some great prizes this year (our grand prize is 2 round trip airplane tickets to Anchorage, 2 $100 gift certificates to a spa there, 2 nights at a hotel, and $1,000 in cash).

During all the button stuff, we also have the Frosty Fever Festival, which means that, throughout the week, non-profits are putting on fundraisers and events for people to come to. They get their events put into our Schedule, and we make up a list of daily discounts and specials, too.

So, while it's all pretty simple from the outside, we at the station have been busting our butts for the past month to get everything done. And this Saturday is our Follies event, in which my boss and I are the Emcees.

Explain to me, then, WHY (during the freakin' "Most Listened To Week in Radio,") my body decides to fall ill?

Yeah. I'm hacking up my lungs. I'm sweating like a racehorse. I have a headache and a backache and my skin hurts.

And I have to be up on stage in 3 days.

Well, I'm sure I'll be okay. I'm nervous about the Follies (I haven't been on stage since High School) but all I have to tell myself is "It will all be over in 3 days!" Can't wait. Sunday I'm going to sleep until I wake up.

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