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So I had this dream last night about a giant carnivorous pinniped. I was going to a school (I don't know why, I wasn't a student...I think I worked there) and there were, of course, snow banks all around. It was dark, and I was walking.

I heard a noise to my left, and I glanced over, and coming (very swiftly) down a snowbank were two sea lions. I noticed them a split second before I noticed they were following in the wake of something HUGE. Now, sea lions are not exactly petit, but this thing dwarfed them. It was another of their sort, but didn't have the right coloring to be a sea lion. It was about the size of an elephant seal, but lacked the huge shnozz.

So, here's the thing. Of all the animals that I've seen when I've been out on the boats, sea lions are the ones I would LEAST like to be in the water with. Their eyes are fathomless, and you just know they would absolutely not hesitate to rip you to shreds if they felt like it. Not that they'd eat a person, but they could do some damage, even if they were just trying to play.

Anyway, I saw these three pinnipeds slip-sliding down the hill, and just as I saw the Big One, the Big One saw me. I knew without a doubt that this was no ordinary critter. This one had some sort of crazy blood lust on it. I took off running toward another snow hill. The school was just on the other side. I knew this thing could beat me running on a flat surface, but I hoped that I could climb a little faster on snow. Not to mention, I was quite a bit closer to the hill.

I could hear it running after me.

They don't move all that quickly or gracefully, normally. But this one was coming fast. I didn't dare look back.

I crested the hill and literally fell down the other side (didn't drop my bag. Was very proud). I sprinted toward the doors of the school, screaming. I wrenched open the double door, hurtled through it, and smack-dab into the principal of the school.

The door closed just before five and a half tons of killer sea mammal smashed into it at full speed. For some reason, the glass didn't break. The Big One "stalked" back and forth in front of the doors, making sounds like a banshee.

And apparently, though there was already some sort of SWAT team in the school, they were unequipped to deal with the thing, so they just stood there.

Later on in the dream, as I was talking to one of my coworkers at the school, I learned that very few of them actually believed my story (even though I had WITNESSES, DAMMIT!) Then she said she wondered if my pursuer was responsible for the death of one of the kids in the school, who had apparently been found decapitated in the parking lot, and his head long gone.

Okay, is that not FREAKY?

I went back to the doors to see if it was still there, and saw only its backside as it ambled out of sight. Never found out what happened to it (or its sea lion companions, who I figured were like henchmen).
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