kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

So, this weekend is our Home and Recreation Expo. My station is putting on the whole thing. Actually, I haven't done much work on it...my friend and coworker Sarah deserves credit for pretty much all of it. Our other coworker Kara is moving to Anchorage as soon as school lets out, and today is her last day. Basically, that means that our employee count will be down to our boss Laurie, Sarah (half-time schedule), and myself. We have a couple other people who work maybe two hours a week, but that's it! We're going to hire someone soon, I hope, and Vette will be back for a couple months in the summer.

Anyway, the vendors are setting up their booths today, then the show is tomorrow from 10-6 and the next day 11-4. I can't wait till it's over, though I'm not dreading it nearly as much as I was Frosty Fever.

Also, I did something to my knee a couple days ago. No idea what. For the past couple days I've been limping around, and Wednesday night it felt like someone was stabbing me and that my leg was about to fall off. I slept with a bag of frozen corn on my knee. That sucked. But it seems to be doing better now, at least.

In addition to all that, my mom has been out of town almost the entire month. She left on the 1st and is getting back on Monday. I like that she's able to travel around whenever she wants to. Go mama.

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