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Kids are Scary

Now for a dream I had last night. Tonight's episode of Supernatural is a rerun about a town whose children have been taken and replaced by evil changelings, and my dream was apparently based somewhat on that episode.

Dean Winchester (extremely hot older brother of the Winchester duo) and I, along with some other guy and ten 9-year-old girls, were in a big spooky house. The girls were having a slumber party and the guys and I were there as chaperones, for some reason. We also knew that there was something evil the house and that it could take the form of little girls, but we didn't know how to tell WHICH little girl it was.

As we were getting ready to play games, the mysterious owner of the house, a little girl named Alison, showed up. She was kind of bossy ("First we're going to play this game, then we'll do this one...") but we figured we'd just let her do whatever.

Millie, a little redhead whom I recognised from Kids Club suddenly fell ill. She had a tummy ache and her legs were spasming. I took her into the bathroom to check out her legs and she told me she wasn't really sick, she'd just wanted to get me away from the other girls to tell me "Alison isn't really Alison."

I asked cautiously, "What do you mean?"

She said, "When I look at her, I don't see a little girl. I see an old lady, and she's all covered with gooey black spiderwebs."


I took her back out to the other room and told all the girls we were going to take Millie to the doctor, so everyone get on your coats and shoes. While they were occupied, I whispered to Dean what Millie had said.

Then I woke up because my stupid dog had to go outside.

All day, I've been convinced that Alison was indeed the evil in the house, but when I told mom about my dream, she told me right away that it was Millie, which was something I hadn't considered before. My mama's so devious.

Also, I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to get Dean alone at any point during the dream. Damn.
Tags: dream, supernatural

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