kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Brush...with DEATH! Dun dun dun. Plus technology sucks.

I was going to make a post yesterday about having a bear in my yard, but my internet has not been working. It's still not; I'm writing this from my mom's. I left a message for the internet guy to call me back this morning, but...no call. Awesome.

Anyway, as for the bear, yep. Yesterday morning, as I was getting the yogurt out of the fridge, I saw a black shape out the kitchen window. I thought it was a dog at first. I sort of bounced back and forth for a couple seconds, wondering where I put my camera. At that point, the blackie was about 10 feet from the side of the trailer and ambling toward the back. I ran to my purse, where the camera was, but by the time I got back to the window, the bear had vanished around back.

I don't have a window in the back.

I skittered to the window on the other side of the kitchen and he was headed into my neighbor's back yard. Tapping on the window to make him turn around didn't get much of a result, and I momentarily forgot how to turn on my camera, anyway. He disappeared. Damn.

I called mom ("Bear number 14, in my yard! I'm glad Summer's an indoor dog!") then finished getting ready for work. I picked up my purse and waterbottle, walked out the door and closed it, turned around...and there he was, on my neighbor's porch. About 15 feet away from me.

Looking at me.

"Oh, hi there," I said. "You're a bear."

He blinked.

I considered whipping out my camera and turning it on.

The bear turned and started making his way down the steps.

I decided against the camera thing and instead hopped down my steps and into my car fairly quick-like. Once in, with the door closed, I turned on the camera and looked around to see if it would come back into my yard. Nope.

I drove around in front of my neighbor's trailer and peered into the back yard...no. But behind my neighbor's neighbor's place...there he was. Gazing around a 4-wheeler trailer. I managed to snap a picture of the bear through some bushes, so it doesn't look like much more than a black blob behind some leaves.

But yeah, that's about it. When I went to work and told my boss about the bear, she told me work wasn't so important that I had to play chicken with the wildlife to get there.

Good to know.
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