kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

I went to dinner at my mom's last night. Charley was working on the boats, so it was just mom and myself...plus our financial advisor and his sister, who's visiting from Israel. We ate dinner, then mom and Neal got down to talking about business while I showed Michelle how to play the Wii. She had such a blast, she's probably going to get one for herself before she heads back to Israel. So that was pretty fun (aside from the slightly uncomfortable moment when they were trying to set me up with Michelle's not-present son Adam, who is also from Israel but lives in Palmer) and I now have an invitation to visit Israel sometime!

And I saw bear number 15 when I got home. He was running across the field behind my house, and if he was the same one that was on my neighbor's porch a few days ago, he's a lot bigger than I thought!

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