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It's MEME, once again!

EDIT: Sorry. Duh.

It's the "Here are the answers, but what are the questions?" meme! Respond if you want to know the questions to the following answers, and then you must in turn post answers in your own journal and make others wonder what the questions are. I stole this one from chaosvizier.

1. darkwolf

2. Ooh, where to start? toad_queen, cvburg, getting_weary, arcticheatwave

3. Hmm, honestly? No one, at the moment.

4. Maybe egyptian_kisses

5. slammerkinbabe

6. slammerkinbabe, again!

7. foresthouse

8. Many! milestogo13, darkwolf, malhablada, equreuil, foresthouse, indnraindancer, steppinrazor to name a few.

9. keelykins

10. keelykins, butterfairy, jackieocean

11. I honestly couldn't say.

12. skyesidhe, getting_weary, keelykins...actually, this could go on all night so we'll just say everyone on my list!

13. cleolinda, ursulav

14. getting_weary or keelykins / milestogo13

15. Uh...what an odd question. cvburg? Cuz it would be funny?

16. petter_haggholm

17. slammerkinbabe

18. Um...now I'm just going to name random people for this totally random question. I mean, in what WAY?? hawkward / anthonydpaul

19. wyldirishtric

20. natsaih

21. I don't know what this means. So vivian_shaw and...

22. ...raisedbymoogles

23. toad_queen or getting_weary

24. arcticheatwave

25. I guess...milestogo13? Maybe?

26. Pfft. No one.

27. luke2, even though it's kinda cheesy.

28. Ha. discodawn

29. chaosvizier, milestogo13, malhablada, foresthouse, dark_wolf and many others!

30. Please don't take offense at anything mentioned above! I love you all! *wedges foot even farther into mouth*
Tags: answers, meme, questions
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