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Finally, some pictures! I'll save the pics of the apartment for another time, when I get a chance to take some of the place now that I've gotten a few things into it.

Without further ado, photos of the trip! Let's see how badly I can screw this up!

We started out from home on October 8th, I believe. The first night, we stayed in Destruction Bay (great name, right?) We didn't really start seeing wildlife until we got into Canada, but then we saw it in spades!
I call this one "Bison in the Mist!" More dramatic than "Mom was shooting into the sun," fer sure! There were 7 of these guys trotting up the highway.

We shot them from behind...

...then had to drive by them at a distance of about 10 feet! I didn't want to stop next to them, even though it would have been a really great picture, because only one would have to panic and swing his head to total my car. So we coasted past them as they trotted up the hill, tongues hanging out of their mouths. When we were a good distance ahead of them, we stopped and tried to take more pictures, but the sun was behind them and, as you see, the pics didn't turn out wonderfully. BUT AT LEAST WE GOT PICS, I SAY!

We also saw caribou...


...and stone sheep.

Our 2nd day, we headed from Destruction Bay to Skagway, to visit some sort-of relatives. There were some beautiful sights along the way!

Then we got to the aptly named White Pass...

...where we stopped to pee.

Summer was not impressed.

The day after Skagway, we went on to Liard Hotsprings, of which I have no pictures but it was quite relaxing after all that driving...though I did come away from the eggy-smelling waters with a vague craving for Cobb salad.

As you know, on the morning of our 5th day, we had a...little breakdown.

Note the spreading pool of liquid...that's our coolant. Yay!

Once again, Summer was not impressed.

We had to be towed to Fort St. John, which is a pretty nice place, if you don't like having things to do. We stayed in a really nice hotel for several days, way up on the 6th floor.

Summer loved watching all the cars going by down below!

And the first night we were there, a storm rolled in!

We did find SOME stuff to do in Fort St. John.

Summer even made friends with the dog in the mirror!

Our last day in Fort St. John is when Summer was injured. That was a sucky day. When she got out of the vet's office, we started driving. We stopped for two hours (from about 2 o'clock AM till 4) when we actually dozed. Otherwise, the moving was constant. By the time we got to our cousins' house in Washington, I had been wearing my shoes for almost 30 hours straight, and I was feeling a little funky.

That's all for now, folks. Pics from the second part of our trip will come up in a couple days. Enjoy!
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