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The Bloat is Back

Okay, now for a semi-real update!

Charles is still at my house...I'll take him back to P-Town tomorrow. I guess that means I'll have to get back to doing "real" stuff, like looking for a job and cleaning the apartment. Boo. Oh well.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I had opened most of my presents as they arrived, so I only had a few to open on the day itself, which was fine. Chaz and I have spent most of the time watching Supernatural on DVD and playing MarioKart Wii. And eating. Omigod the eating.

On Thursday, I roasted a chicken and in the bottom of the pan, I put potatoes, sweet potatoes, and fresh beets. It turned out REALLY well! I'll definitely do that again!

I'm making pizza from scratch tonight. Hope it turns out okay.

When I picked up Chaz on Tuesday, I had to drive all the way to Portland. Normally, I would have picked him up in Sherwood, which is about halfway between Portland and Mac. But as he waited for the 12 bus in Portland to pick him up and take him to Sherwood, it drove right by. And so did the next bus and the one after that. They were all packed. So he called me and I headed in to pick him up.

A drive that would normally have taken 2 and a half hours, round trip, took 4 and a half. Oregon is not prepared for snow, apparently. At all. I've only seen 2 or 3 plows here since it started snowing, and they're not actually plows at all; they're dumptrucks with plows on the front. The slush on the roads had frozen into random bumpy ridges. I didn't get above 30mph the entire trip. But I found Charley and we got home safe so it was all fine.

Anyway, we're heading towards the new year. 2008 wasn't horrible for me as it was for so many others, but I hope 2009 is an awesome year for you all!

Photos of Christmas and presents are forthcoming!
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