kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

I had another action-film dream last night.

What I remember isn't much, but I was on a plane that was actually more like a boat. It had a deck on the back part and people were up and moving around. We were flying over the Port of Valdez (which seemed much bigger than usual). I wasn't working on the plane, but for some reason I was helping out.

Anyway, we were flying along blithely, on a beautiful day. I was out on the deck with a few other people, gazing behind us toward the mountains. There was another plane flying in front of the mountains, perpendicular to our course, several miles away. All of a sudden, it started shooting flames from the back end and went into a dive, eventually crashing into the water. I started to run back inside, to tell the pilot/captain of our plane that we had to call the authorities, but when I turned toward the front of the plane, I realized that we were about 5 seconds away from crashing into a building!

I didn't really think, I just spun and sprinted to the back end of the deck, and as the plane crashed into the building, I jumped. We weren't really that far up (compared to how high planes usually fly) and we were above the water. I splashed into the water as the plane went up in flames behind me.

Of course, the entire time I was feeling guilty because I hadn't tried to save anyone, but what could I have done in 5 seconds? Not a whole heck of a lot.

Anyway, I immediately swam to shore, which really was RIGHT THERE, hence the building. I figured some sort of electro-magnetic phenomenon had occurred that caused both my plane and one I'd been watching to lose control of steering or radar equipment or both. I ran to the smoldering wreckage, which, despite having burst into flames as I jumped, was NOT on fire. It actually wasn't even too badly crumpled. I went inside and started shaking people awake. Amazingly, no one was dead or seriously injured.

I don't know about the people on the other plane, though.

Anyway, about that time, I woke up with a bad headache. I had gone to bed last night with a headache, and they usually disappear as I sleep, but this one got me up at 2:30 because it hadn't dimished at all. I remember thinking, during the dream, "I have a headache. I should keep sleeping, because then it will go away. But I AM sleeping, and it's not going away. I should take something for that." So I got up and stumbled to the kitchen. Luckily there was water in my water bottle (I don't think I could have sussed out how to use the faucet at that hour) and took a couple Ibuprofin, then went back to bed. It took a while to get back to sleep, but I awoke again at 8:45 with no trace of my headache, so it was all worth it.
Tags: action, dream, health

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