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This Will Only Interest Supernatural Fans

Had a dream last night involving the Winchester boys. I don't remember much but at one point, I was in a bungalow and they were there, along with several members of my family and getting_weary. For some reason, after most of the family had left to run errands, leaving only getting_weary and myself there along with the Winchesters, a television crew showed up. They wanted the boys to participate in a singing contest for the cameras, similar to the Singing Bee.

Dean went first. They started playing music for a Dean Martin song that he happened to have been singing like an hour before, so he did pretty well. Knew all the words, even cranked out all the notes.

When they started playing Sam's song, I started laughing and yelled at getting_weary, who was in another room, "They're making Sam sing The Heart Will Go On from Titanic!" She ran out to watch.

When they'd started the music, Sam had laughed too, but I figured he at least knew which song it was. That belief was put away when he started singing Jingle Bell Rock. To Titanic music. Didn't work so well.

Needless to say, Dean won the contest.
Tags: dream, music, supernatural, winchesters
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