kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Yeah, so we had an awesome day. We saw a raft of about 20 otters before we left the port. For once, the Dall's porpoise did NOT interrupt us while we were serving lunch, we had to go quite a ways out but we did manage to find a humpback and he came within about 15 feet of the boat. Then we headed in toward Point Bullhead to visit the sea lion haulout, and on the way we found some porpoise and a couple more whales...at one point, we had a mother and baby humpback on one side, and two playful porpoise on the other.

Then we reached the sea lions, and the puffins, and the cormorants and then headed over to the glacier. We hung out a bit, then we headed home. All through this, the sun was shining off the mountain as it does on days such as this...I am a little sunburned, yes yes. And I don't even know how many eagles we saw.

BUT, just as Stan was pulling in to dock the boats, something started happening. I was on the bow line, but Stan was having trouble backing the boat into the slip, and he came on the intercom to say something seemed to be wrong with our rudder.

It was making this horrid grinding sound, and there was black stuff coming out the back of the boat and floating on the water, and he couldn't steer. Mary Helen came onto the bow and said that she would do the line so Stan could yell at her, and I should just go to the back deck and get ready to pass out postcards. So I went to the back deck, where Elise was waiting to do the stern line. Suffice to say, neither of us knew what to do, though one of us really should have been in line of sight of Stan or of Colleen, who was on the dock waiting to hand us the ropes.

Elise wound up having to crawl out on the window ledge to hook a line while Colleen and one of the boat cleaners tried to pull in the bow. I was going to do the stern line, but I was yelled at (understandably) and all that jazz. We finally go the boat in (I say "we," though all I really did was stand around going "wtf??")

There was still a gap between the boat and the unloading ramp, so we had to be extra sure no one stepped in it. After we got everyone off the boat (they all had a great day) Stan went to the engine room, and did captain stuff, then said he wanted to try docking again. So we untied the boat, and left the slip, then backed in and retied again, with no problem whatsoever. Turns out some idiot kid had gone out onto one of the wing stations and fiddled with the controls and Stan was unable to override it while coming in.

This is why people need to WATCH THEIR CHILDREN! It is not our job to watch your kids, you need to do it! Please! Watch them at all times to make sure they don't stand on the benches, or run on deck, or scream and yell, or FIDDLE with the CONTROLS!! Or I will throw them overboard. Thank you.

*sighs* Just had to get that out of my system.

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