kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

I remembered something earlier that I find amusing.

My aunt and uncle (J and K) visit my mom in Alaska every summer. One year, my mom had taken them to the store so she and my uncle could pick out cake mix and party stuff for my aunt's birthday. Mom got my aunt occupied in another aisle (probably showing her craft stuff) then snuck to the party aisle with my uncle so they could shop.

My aunt evidently got bored and went in search of them. She turned down the party aisle and walked toward them, and my mom, wanting to keep her distracted, said loudly "Look! A PURPLE COW!" pointing down the aisle in my aunt's direction.

My aunt was wearing a purple sweatsuit.

Immediately she turned and started walking away, shoulders slumped, head down, looking dejected. Mom had to apologize and explain that it was merely a diversionary tactic and no, J did not look like a cow.
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