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Right. So.

Apparently, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is being made into...a Broadway Musical. Yeah. Called "Spamalot." Eric Idle wrote it, and helped write the new songs. He won't be in it, though. That honor goes to David Hyde Pierce, Hank Azaria, and Tim Curry. It begins its pre-Broadway run in December.

Part of me is like, "What on earth were they THINKING?" but this other (slightly larger) part says, "HELL YEAH! NEW YORK, HERE I COME!"

According to Mr. Idle, they have had "long and anxious talks" about how to pull off certain scenes, like the Black Knight scene. He doesn't want blood all over, because "the dancers might slip and break their legs."

Anyway. Just thought that was noteworthy. Heh. *shakes head in bewilderment*

EDIT: And upon doing a little more research, I see that the off-Broadway premiering has already BEEN DONE, this PAST December. IN CHICAGO, no less. 2 hours away. Damn.
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