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Was on the short trip today. Just to Columbia. Bout an hour, hour-and-a-half in we serve lunch. Everything's going good, we only had 62 people today, and the water was calm, day's goin' great, till I'm coming down the stairs with a tray of flatware, looking out over the lower deck, just about to ask if everyone got utensils, when I miss the bottom step and go slamming to the (carpeted) deck, narrowly missing smashing my face on the back of the bench. Immediately, gasps and muted shrieks spread throughout the cabin. An older man is standing over me saying, "My god, are you all right??" Nina bolts from the galley: "Are you okay?"

I thrust my hand up above the bench to wave at the rest of the cabin and yell, "I'm okay! I'm fine, just clumsy!" People smile and nod. I'm a little dazed. Nina helps me pick up the flatware and asks if I want to help her scoop the soup or if I feel up to serving. I say I can serve. She nods and says, "You're sure you're okay?" I nod and say wryly, "My dignity is a little bruised."

She smiles a little, gives a little chortle, and says, "Oh man, wait till I tell Keely."

Julie comes downstairs and says, "Chris (el capitan) wants to know what that noise was."

Nina replies, "It was Nelli. She fell down."

Julie's eyes widen and she looks at me. "You fell down? What happened?"

"I missed a step."

"You fell down the STAIRS??"

"Off. I fell off the stairs. I'm okay now."

I serve the meal. My left pinky and elbow hurt. I know I skinned the elbow, and I'm thinkin' I jammed the pinky. After serving (which was almost disastrous because Taylor missed a couple upstairs, something I didn't discover until I was collecting garbage upstairs and these people are like, "So...do we get to eat?" Luckily, there were 2 chowders left, so I ran down to get them. Meant that I had to have the veggie soup, but hey. Whatever, it's good too) my finger starts to swell. I put some disinfectant on my scrape and taped my fingers together.

My pinky is now huge, and has a purple line around the middle...I'm thinking it might be broken, now. I can't straighten it out. But I was really lucky I didn't hit my head or smash my face or break my back or neck. If all I got out of it was a broken finger and a scaped elbow (and a hefty packet of paperwork), I'd say I did alright. And the rest of the day was nice. Glassy seas, fog lifted and went away, saw a nice humpback...All in all, I liked today better than yesterday, with all the pukey people.

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