kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

I was just remembering when I worked at the hotel a couple summers ago. It was a crappy job. I worked from 3 pm to 11 pm and I hated it, because I get sleepy whenever it's dark. Luckily, it's true what they say about Alaska being the Land of the Midnight Sun, so it didn't get dark really early most days.

Anyway, I've already written a couple things about the hotel in my journal (if you're interested, check out my Memories, Work Stories) but this one is just something I remembered that I found kind of amusing.

The lobby was attached to a bar, with many many drunk people all the time coming through.

One night, a couple guys came in to get a room. Upon talking to them a little, they both had charming accents. I'm not good with accents, but I knew they were from England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales. Somewhere in the UK. (Is Ireland considered part of the UK? Just curious).

So they were talking, asked me about a fun place to go in my town. I asked, "Fun? Here? ...Did you want, like, a bar?"

"Yeah, something like that." One of them gestured at our bar.

"I don't recommend this one. It's...not a nice place."

Anyway, I pointed them in the direction of one of the nicer bars in town, then kinda groaned inwardly as one of the regulars from my bar staggered through on his way back from the bathroom.

He heard my guests talking and detoured over to us, smelling like he'd fallen into a bottle of JD.

"HEY!" he slurred. "I know where yer from!"

The foreign guys raised their eyebrows.

"You-all are from that UKRAINE, huh!"

My guests looked really startled.

I said, "Um, I think you mean the UK."

"THA'S WHAT I SAID!" and he retreated to the bar.

Turns out one of them was Irish and the other was English. The English one was kinda hot, too. Too bad I got off work before they got back from the bar.

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