kokopellinelli (kokopellinelli) wrote,

Last night I had to download some upgrades to my virus protection and my computer was kinda being bitchy but I didn't really think anything of because it's always bitchy.

Then, because it was time to go to bed, I closed down my current applications and was about to shut it down when I noticed a folder on my desktop that I'd never seen. "bj_stuff."

When we used IE, we used to get random porn popups, and since the computer had been acting so buggy, the first thing that flew into my head was "WTF is a blow job folder doing on my desktop??"

I was tempted to just drag it to the trash, but then I thought maybe Keels had put it there for reasons unknown. So I got brave and clicked it.

Turns out, "bj" stands for BraveJournal. She's revamping her blog.

Way to be paranoid, Nelli.
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